Philip Donahue`s art)



My mixed media paintings are colorful,gloss,and abstract,using the color or mixtures of light with those of paint;and radical scale changes for textures.l cultivate chance.building layers using tooIs from painting, sculpture,and print-making.
l allow the processes of the media guide the development of each painting.

My paintings in this exhibit are part of a new series of mine that are inspired by the music of Kitaro's "Silk Road" albums.

They are mixed media paintings on artists' panels, painted with special paints that I made by mixing dry artists' pigments into crystal clear resin. Some of these pigments include special interference mica pigments that make the finished paintings change depending on the lighting, & the movement of the viewers.

========== Brief Biography: ===========

• Ph.D., University Of California Berkeley, Visual Hermeneutics (interpretation of meaning in visual art).

• Artists' Apprenticiship, Artists' Workshop, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

• Lived in Yokohama & Iruma (Tokyo), Japan, where I studied sumi painting & drawing.

• Also lived & studied in Germany & Ireland.

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