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About my work
Passionately fueled by the Web environment in which she works, MissPixels uses its codes in her artistic approach. The “Hashtag Project” proposes the interpretation of the social media universe in the real world. On certain Web platforms, hashtags are used to immediately put a message into context while using as few characters as possible. They are typically used to define a place, an event or a situation. MissPixels appropriates hashtags graphically, using them to qualify an image and project it into a com- pletely different medium. She indexes and classifies her work even before they are made public.
Her piece #love #sucks questions the act of publicly sharing our love life and private moments on the Web 2.0. Our happiness, our loves and delights are thus shared publicly and glorified with great strikes of generous “likes” and retweets. The artist questions herself on what happens when we are rejected and heartbroken, and our separation becomes excruciatingly public.
#love #sucks visually classifies this abandonment by using symbols from the 2.0 world: the square image imposed by some platforms, increased digital noise, a result of using a low-tech device as a me- dium, and finally, using keywords and hashtags to put images into context.
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