Leonore McDonald`s art)


inting: Girl and Horses

Girl & Horses_edited-1.jpg写真のコメント

This painting is part of a series entitled Memoir. It is based on an old photograph of myself taken by my father on a family vacation.I am thirteen years old and attracted to the

I two horses on a Michigan farm. used sepia colors for the surrounding landscape in order to evoke a distant fuzzy memory. I am certain of the colors of the horses and my baggy shorts.

However, everything else about that moment in time hasfaded away. I thought of this painting as the opening black and white scene in a film that slowly is turning into color.


Artist: Lenore McDonald


I am a bay area oil painter specializing in abstracted landscapes, portraiture, and figurative painting. I was part of the first Berkeley Artist exchange in 2006. I have participated in the culture exchange exhibits for the last ten years. I’ve shone my work in a variety of galleries in the Bay Area. My studio is in Oakland California.

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